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Ever wanted to provide your skills and expertise and get paid in crypto? Worry not, we got your back! ZeTalents is, simply put, a decentralized online freelance platform. Through peer-to-peer encryption and much more, you will be able to provide your services or post freelance requests on our platform!


With the growing demand for decentralized artworks, online freelancing and the expansion of "online shopping," ZeMarket is your one-stop access to the NFT world of crypto. Here, you can create, trade and check out Non-Fungible Tokens from various artists and creatives around the globe! Be it Music, Videos or even images. We have it all!


With Blockchain technology being fairly new, it is moving at high speed, and everyone is eager to join the ride! ZeForum provides a platform for traders and developers to discuss and exchange knowledge on the latest news and information in the industry. Furthermore, by setting up your own personal portfolio, ZeFi will provide you with full access to chat with your fellow crypto & blockchain comrades.


Do you tend to get confused or slowed down due to heavy terminology while reading up on blockchain and crypto literature? Do you shy away from crypto-related discussions fearing you will not understand the terms being thrown around? Fear no more. You’re not alone. With this emerging technology, new words are making an appearance and Zectionary is here to keep you up to date! We will provide you with our authentic translations and description of complex crypto-terminology provided in both Arabic and English, along with slides/images/infographics related to each word!

About ZeFi

Zendetta Finance, ZeFi is a blockchain-centric Education & Media Marketing Start-Up aiming to humanize and gamify blockchain education for the masses. We seek to increase access, inclusion and empowerment for the unrepresented communities in the crypto-world, with a focus on Arabic-speaking communities by raising awareness and enabling knowledge exchange.